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The TSUNAMI Coastal Trail Races are back with a tidal wave of Trail Running. The TSUNAMI series of trail races is due to hit the North Devon and Cornish coastline again next summer.

We’ve chosen the most rugged, wild and remote section of the North Devon and Cornish coastline for some extreme fun along the clifftops and cliff trails between Westward Ho! and Bude (Ultra-Marathon, 37 miles), Clovelly and Bude (Marathon), Hartland Quay and Bude (16 miles). 37, 26 or 16 miles on June 9th 2018.

Entries are now open >>>>>>>

We’ve procured the iconic  Clovelly harbour for the start of the Marathon…uphill on the cobblestones through the village to reach the Coast Path and finish on the lawns of Castle Bude – taking in almost 2,000m of ascent along the route. It’s a tidal wave of endurance trail running.



The Ultra adds another 11 miles of serious fun, while the sixteen includes the toughest, most vertiginous section from  Hartland Quay onwards.

These races are undoubtedly some of the toughest trail running challenges in the South-West. Due to the nature of the terrain, wild and isolated (no towns or villages along the route), they will also prove to be the most rewarding.

pureTrail designed Tsunami medal to all finishers.

Bespoke Tsunami t-shirt and/or Bus transport to the start of each race from Castle Bude will be available to purchase via SiEntries entry system.

Will you be a finisher or will you be wiped out trying?

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Entries now open for 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>> 

This is not for the faint hearted. With massive ascents and descents, it will be one of the toughest marathons in the South West.

PureTrail checkpoints will be superbly stocked and managed by runners for runners to get you through to the end, where a well earned bespoke medal sits awaiting your return!



Race Permits 1321, 1323 and 1324 provided by the Trail Running Association.



Many thanks for entering our races, some tough challenges for you all on a testing course along the wonderful South West Coast Path. 21  miles was marked Thursday and the reminder will be marked Friday.


The Castle
The Wharf
Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LG


Several car parks in close promixity to Castle Bude.


Portaloos are available at a Registration and later in the Castle from 8am however, there are no toilets available at Westward Ho!, the start of the Ultra-marathon (we have delayed leaving Bude until 6am because of this).


Registration is at Castle Bude where you collect your race number, safety pins and
t-shirt. Bus transport leaves to the start locations at the times below, if you wish to add a bus transfer or purchase a t-shirt you can still order via the SiEntries system https://www.sientries.co.uk/edit_entry.php?event_id=3449

Ultra-Marathon = 7am start from Westward Ho! (Seafield Carpark, Merley Road
EX39 1JS)

5:15am Registration
6:00am Bus transport leaves

Marathon = 9am start from Clovelly Harbour (EX39 5TF)

7:00am Registration
7:45am Bus transport leaves

Bus will drop you off at the car park at the top of the hill, near the Visitor Centre (EX39 5TL) at approximately 8.20am for you to walk down. A metal barred door to right hand side of visitor centre will be open for runners to go through down to the private village of Clovelly. (Visitor centre will not be open). Free tea or coffee for runners at the Red Lion Inn on the harbour. There are also toilets to use pre-race.

16 mile race – 10:30am start from Hartland Quay (EX39 6DU)

8:00am Registration
9:30am Bus transport leaves

Race numbers are to be worn on your front to make it possible to accurately record the results. A manual result system is in operation and a video will be recording in case of any discrepancy. If you are wearing a jacket which obscures your number then please make sure it is visible before arrival at the finish line.

If you take a bag in the bus transfer and wish for it to be taken back to the start/finish we can provide a label for you at Registration. All bags left at owners risk.


Likely hot and sunny so be prepared to rehydrate, wear sunscreen and cover your head to protect from the sun.


The routes are all fully marked using orange or pink flags and hi-viz directional signs. After all intersections/junctions the route will be confirmed so look for additional closely spaced flags and/or directional arrows. South West Coast Path acorn symbols will also be your guide through your race. You should not have to look too far ahead to see the marked route. Remember, keep the sea on your right!

The full route will be checked a few hours prior to the start of the races and route maps are online at www.puretrail.uk/tsunami. Printed maps will be at Registration.

No dogs are allowed to run with their owner in the races due to UK Athletics rules and their Public Liability Insurance, which differs to Park Runs.

Please note that there will be qualified first aiders running the routes and they will be identified with hi-visibility jackets attached to their backpack so feel free to ask their advice. Their will also be a first aider based at HQ.



5 Peppercombe
10.5 Clovelly
17 East Titchbury
20 Hartland Quay – CUTOFF, must leave Aid station by 1pm
27 Welcome Mouth
29.5 Morwenstow
33.5 Sandymouth
36.5 Finish – CUTOFF 7pm at Castle Bude


6.5 East Titchbury
10 Hartland Quay
16.5 Welcome Mouth
19 Morwenstow
23 Sandymouth
Finish at Castle Bude

16 miler

6.5 Welcome Mouth
9 Morwenstow
13 Sandymouth
Finish at Castle Bude

Aid stations will be well stocked with some locations having a larger selection depending on the race and the need of the runner at the distance in the race. Foods include biscuits, jellied sweets, crisps, peanuts, fruit, water and coke. Remember aid stations are there to assist with your calorie replacement and should not be relied on solely to get you through the race.

Supporters should keep their dogs under close control at all times but must realise the route goes out onto narrow paths and cliff edges!

Please note that there will be qualified first aiders along the route or and they will be identified with hi-visibility jackets attached to their backpack so feel free to ask for their help and advice. Their will also be a first aider based at HQ.


– Capacity to carry 1 litre of water
– Long sleeved base layer or waterproof jacket
– Whistle
– Mobile phone with stored numbers for Race Directors below – store them now!
– Emergency food

16 MILER runners

– Capacity to carry 500ml water

Spot checks of the compulsory kit-list will occur for some runners before or after the race.

Should anyone withdraw from the race you MUST report to a marshal who will assist you and remove you race number.


A well earned medal will be waiting for all runners at the finish will certainly be a welcome sight.

Unfortunately we cannot provide any private changing facilities but you are welcome to leave a labelled bag at your own risk.

Polite notice – no wet or dirty running shoes to be worn inside the building please.

The first two male and female runners in each race will receive a bespoke trophy and a presentation will be arranged soon after. Age category winners will receive a discount voucher emailed once results are finalised.


A great place to watch runners is at Clovelly harbour watching the marathon runners start up the cobbled steps, likewise, at the top of the hill the Ultra-Marathon runners will approach their aid station. Due to limited access around this Coast, Hartland quay is a great location to see the 16 miler start and for all the other runners coming through to their aid station. Other locations are Duckpool, Sandymouth, Welcombe Mouth and Morwenstow (diversion inland).

We look forward to chatting with as many runners and supporters as possible before, during and after the race.

We hope you enjoy the day and good luck.

Mark and Steve