In the glorious private setting of the Flete Estate, Mothecombe, Devon (PL81LB) we are hosting 3 races, a Woodland Trail 8.5 mile race, a 15.5 Long half-Marathon and a Long marathon distance race of 28.5 miles.

The marathon involves 2 estuary crossings, one at Burgh Island and the final one racing The Tide at 19.9 miles. over the Erme Estuary before finishing with a seaview at picturesque Mothecombe. This is the 3rd year of the races and the new date is Sunday 19th May 2019. Provisional Start time 9:45am

The 15.5 mile half-marathon involves racing the tide at the Erme Estuary 8 miles into the race. Provisional Start time 12:30pm.

The 8.5 mile race is within the private Estate on beautiful woodland trails but still races The Tide at mile 8. Provisional Start time 12:30pm.

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Results for the Long Marathon 2018

Results for Half Marathon 2018

Results for Woodland Trail race 2018

Video of the 15 mile race

photo courtesy of Chris Iversen Photography

The date is set for Sunday 19th May 2019.

Start times will coincide with the low tide. The Marathon will start at 9:45am , giving 4 hours 45 minutes to get to the Crossing, which is 19.6 miles.

The total marathon distance is now 28.5 miles. Total ascent is 1,240 metres.

7 aid stations with combinations of peanuts, biscuits, jellied sweets, fruit, water and coke will be located at approximate 3.2, 6.8, 9.8, 15.3, 20, 22.6 and 26 miles.

Long Marathon map 2019

Photograph courtesy of David Miller

Courses are now designed so you can expect a lovely mix of private footpaths, coastal path, bridle paths, country fields and Woodland. However, the marathon incorporates the South West Coast Path on both sides of the estuary including a beach section at Bigbury-on-Sea and a run across the causeway to the privately owned Burgh Island.

photograph Copyright Burgh Island

On marked paths to the west of the island, we take you up to the top of the island, you descend and cross the causeway to continue the South West Coast Path further westwards climbing some awesome hills before racing the tide at Wonwell beach, across the estuary and running across Mothecombe beach. You then follow a circular route, continuing on the South West Coast Path for a few miles and on to the village to finish to pick up your well earned medal.


The 15.5 mile, long half-marathon, primarily beautiful Woodland trails with the tranquility of the estuary in close proximity, for the first 7 miles and then across the estuary. It may only be 7 miles until the crossing but there is still a tide to race because the start time of 12:30pm gives you exactly 2 hours to reach the Crossing area, and an aid station. This is based on running at 4mph and there are only a few hills prior to this and once over the estuary you join the South West Coast Path that involve some typical coastal path ascents. Then you continue inland to bridlepaths and footpaths and back into the Woodland on the Flete Estate. The total ascent is approximately 613 metres. It is not an elitist race and we hope to cater for all speeds of runner.

Aid stations stocked with a combination of peanuts, biscuits, jellied sweets, fruit, water and coke will be at approximate 3.2, 7.3, 9.8 and 13.4 miles.

Long Half-Marathon map 2019

The 8.5 mile Woodland Trail also includes a crossing of the estuary. The route is primarily 2 beautiful woodlands areas on both sides of the estuary. The start time is 12:30pm. A Race The Tide event medal will waiting for you at the finish. An aid station will be at 3.2 and 7.3 miles with water, coke and some snacks. Total ascent 242m.

Woodland trail map 2019


All 3 races will have a medal for every finisher and a Race The Tide event t-shirt can be purchased via the online entry system at anytime.

All races start and finish at Mothecombe (PL81LB)

Can you beat the tide?

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Race permits provided by the Trail Running Association