RACE THE TIDE (was 27/5/17)

RACE THE TIDE (was 27/5/17)

Race The Tide Results 2017

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EMAIL sent to runners 22nd May 2017 is at the bottom of the page………..

In the glorious private setting of the Flete Estate, Holbeton, Devon (PL81LW) we are hosting our first marathon distance race, although it actually 29 miles and involves 2 estuary crossings at Burgh Island and the Erme Estuary before finishing in the pretty village of Holbeton. Starting times 10am and 11am.

The 16 mile half-marathon involves racing the tide at the Erme Estuary 6.4 miles into the race. Start time 1:24pm.

The 10k race is within the Estate and will NOT involve crossing the waters of estuary but within stays within beautiful Woodland trails. Start time 11:15am.

The date is set for Saturday May 27th 2017.

Start times will coincide with the low tide. The Marathon will start at 11:00 which gives a pace of 5mph to make it possible to cross the estuary by the deadline of 3pm. If you feel this is not achieveable you may select an earlier start time of 10:00am, giving 5 hours to complete 19.9 miles and to reach the Crossing and therefore 4mph pace.

Please note that the winner of the Marathon can only be achieved when starting at 11am so please select your time on the day and be at Registration in good time. The total marathon distance is 29.5 miles. Total ascent is 1,212 metres.

Should you miss the cut off of 3pm, you can run back up the estuary to the finish on the same route you started and you will still complete a distance of 26.30 miles and therefore you would have finished a marathon. Because the distance is shorter than the marathon race route you will be given a time penalty. 6 well stocked aid stations with combinations of peanuts, biscuits, jellied sweets, fruit, water and coke will be located at approximate 6.4, 9.4, 13.7, 19.9 (the Crossing), 22.9 and 26.3 miles.

Marathon route including Aid Stations

Photograph courtesy of David Miller

Courses are now designed so you can expect a lovely mix of private footpaths, coastal path, bridle paths, country fields and Woodland. However, the marathon incorporates the South West Coast Path on both sides of the estuary including a beach section at Bigbury-on-Sea and a run across the causeway to the privately owned Burgh Island.

photograph Copyright Burgh Island

On marked paths to the west of the island, we take you up to the top of the island, you descend and cross the causeway to continue the South West Coast Path further westwards climbing some awesome hills before racing the tide at Wonwell beach, across the estuary and running across Mothecombe beach. You then follow a circular route, continuing on the South West Coast Path for a few miles and on to the village to finish to pick up your well earned medal.


The 16 mile, long half-marathon, is primarily beautiful Woodland trails with the tranquility of the estuary in close proximity, for the first 6.4 miles and then the cross the estuary. It may only be 6.4 miles until the crossing but there is still a tide to race because the start time is 1:24pm too give you exactly 96 minutes to reach the Crossing area, and an aid station. This is based on running at 4mph and there are only a few hills prior to this and once over the estuary you join the South West Coast Path that involve some typical coastal path ascents. Then you continue inland to bridlepaths and footpaths and back into the Woodland on the Flete Estate. The total ascent is 629 metres.

It is not an elitist race and we hope to cater for all speeds of runner, however, if you do miss the cutoff you can turn around and run the same route back to start but you will still have run 12.8 miles. Aid stations stocked with a combination of peanuts, biscuits, jellied sweets, fruit, water and coke will be at approximate 6.4, 9.4 and 12.8 miles.

16 mile route including Aid Stations

16 mile route map

The 10k route does NOT involve a crossing the estuary through the water but via a small bridge further inland. The route is primarily 2 beautiful woodlands areas on both sides of the estuary. It includes a couple of hills but a pureTrail race wouldn’t be the same without hills! The start time will be 11:15am. A Race The Tide event medal will waiting for you at the finish. An aid station will be at approximate 2.4 and 4.0 miles, before and after the Deer Park loop, with water, coke and some snacks. Total ascent 228m.

10k route including Aid Stations


All 3 races will have a medal for every finisher (who entered prior to 11/5/17) and a Race The Tide event t-shirt can be purchased via the online entry system at anytime.

All races start and finish at Holbeton Village Hall (PL81LW)

Can you beat the tide or will you face a penalty?


EMAIL sent to participants 22/5/17 :-


Many thanks for entering our race. We have been pleased with the response and have had to re-open race entries due to increase demand!

Please read the information in full as you will get a better ‘feel’ how the event looks overall.


Holbeton Village Hall, Brent Hill, Holbeton, PL81LW

The pink dot above is the Event parking in a field and the chequered flag is the Village Hall.


Please use the above postcode to assist you in the direction of Holbeton but, just as you would turn left to the village, the carpark is immediately on your left.

I would expect the majority of you will come from the A379 (Plymouth to Kingsbridge) so follow the signs for Holbeton and you will in then need to turn off into the field mentioned above. I will add a map onto the webpage www.puretrail.uk/race-the-tide


There is zero provision for parking in the village as there just aren’t any spaces. We wish to respect the local residents and ensure emergency vehicles can get through. We have arranged with a local farmer for parking in a field 400/500m from the start/finish location so please follow the directional arrows to the location and the instructions from the marshals. Allow plenty of time for your journey. Any driver with a blue badge requiring a parking space should email admin@puretrail.uk in advance


Registration is at Holbeton Village Hall and where you collect your race number, safety pins and t-shirt, if you’ve paid in advance. We may have some t-shirts to sell on the day but you can still order via the SiEntries system https://www.sientries.co.uk/edit_entry.php?event_id=3426

Marathon = 9:00 to 10:30

(please bear in mind that you need to choose whether to start at 10am or 11am because of the cutoff at 20 miles is 3pm, the Erme Estuary Crossing. If the fastest finishing time of the marathon race is someone who started at 10am they will be disqualified). The earliest anyone can cross is 1pm.

Please note that Registration will be suspended for a few minutes while the 10am and 11am marathon race is started.

10k = 09:15 to 11:00

Please note that Registration will be suspended for a few minutes will the 10am early marathon distance is started.

Long half-marathon = 11:30 to 13:00

We have chip timing so please be aware that the chip and wristband will need to be removed before you leave for home otherwise a £25 charge, plus VAT will be made and race result withheld. We will know those that have left with their wristbands and chips.

Race numbers are to be worn on your front to make it possible to accurately record the results. Whilst we have chip timing, a video will be recording in case of any discrepancy. If you are wearing a jacket which obscures your number then please make sure it is visible before arrival at the finish line.


Soft drinks, coffee, tea and homemade cakes are available to purchase in the village hall throughout the day from 9am. Toilets are located inside the building.


The week ahead is for dry weather so it’s fingers crossed. Forecasts aren’t accurate so please bear this in mind and be prepared to check nearer Raceday.


You cannot possibly run this race safely with road shoes. It will be wet, muddy, stony and slippery. Your feet/shoes are guaranteed to get wet and/or muddy as the lane in the first (and last) mile is waterlogged and is known to take weeks to subside! There are sections of tarmac so be aware not to slip when switching from the trails.


The routes are all fully marked using canes, red and white tape and yellow/white directional signs. After all intersections/junctions the route will be confirmed so look for red and white tape or directional arrows. You should not have to look too far ahead to see the marked route.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU TAKE GREATER CARE AT ROAD JUNCTIONS as there are more on this event than all our events added together!

The full route will be checked a few hours prior to the start of the races and route maps are online at www.puretrail.uk/race-the-Tide. Printed maps will be at Registration.

No dogs are allowed to run with their owner in the races due to UK Athletics rules and their Public Liability Insurance, which differs to Park Runs.

Please note that there will be qualified first aiders running the routes and they will be identified with hi-visibility jackets attached to their backpack so feel free to ask their advice. Their will also be a first aider based at HQ.



2.4 and 4.0 miles – within Flete Estate

Long Half-marathon (16 miles)

6.4 miles – Erme Estuary – Race The Tide – CUTOFF 3pm 
 9.4 miles – Lambside – CUTOFF 4pm
12.8 miles – Whitemoor Cross – CUTOFF 5pm
16.0 miles – FINISH – Holbeton Village Hall – CUTOFF 6pm


6.4 miles – Wonwell (near Crossing)
9.4 miles – Ringmore
13.7 miles – Burgh Island, Bigbury-on-sea
19.9 miles – Erme Estuary Crossing – Race The Tide – CUTOFF 3pm
22.9 miles – Lambside – CUTOFF 4pm
26.3 miles – Whitemoor Cross – CUTOFF 5pm
29.5 miles – FINISH – Holbeton Village Hall – CUTOFF 6pm

Aid stations will be well stocked with some locations having a larger selection depending on the race and the need of the runner at the distance in the race. Foods include biscuits, jellied sweets, crisps, peanuts, fruit, water and coke.

Please be aware that your wristband chip will need to be ‘dibbed’ into terminals at various locations around the course.

Supporters should keep their dogs under close control at all times but must realise the route goes out onto narrow paths and cliff edges!

Please note that there will be qualified first aiders along the route or and they will be identified with hi-visibility jackets attached to their backpack so feel free to ask for their help and advice. Their will also be a first aider based at HQ.


10k has no cutoff for the 10k race but we would expect everyone to finish within 2 hours.

16 mile, long Half-Marathon start is not too tough to the Crossing at 6.4 miles and we expect everyone to make the Crossing by 3pm.

NO RUNNERS ARE ALLOWED TO CROSS AFTER THIS TIME FOR SAFETY PURPOSES even if it looks safe enough. 3pm is the deadline for Racing The Tide.

The route then takes in the tougher South West Coast Path for 3 undulating miles and then the rest of the route is far easier. We expect everyone to finish within 4 1/2 hours (4:54pm), however there is increased time due to the marathon cutoffs being longer, please see details in AID STATIONS. The sweeper will monitor the progress and speak to runners to see how they respond to ensure their safety, but our intention will be to guide all runners to the finish.

The Marathon (29.5 miles)

20 mile Erme Estuary Crossing is 3pm (4 or 5 hours depending on your start time)


If the cutoff at the crossing is missed, your number will be noted and you may be given the option to run up the estuary. This is 26.3 miles and therefore 3.2 miles less than the accurate route. It is also a far easier route so a time penalty 2 hours will be added to your finishing time. Alternatively, we will drive you back to the finish and called it a DNF.


– Capacity to carry 1 litre of water
– Long sleeve top or jacket
– Whistle
– Mobile phone with stored numbers for Race Directors below
– Emergency food

Spot checks of the compulsory kit-list will occur for some runners before or after the race.

Should anyone withdraw from the race you MUST report to a marshal who will assist you and remove you race number and timing chip.


The first thing you will get is a ‘congratulations’ from a marshal, then you will need to ‘dib’ you wristband chip to record your time and your wristband chip will be removed. A well earned medal will be waiting for those of you who entered early and we will do our utmost to give a medal to those who entered later, after the 250 places were taken.

Unfortunately we cannot provide any private changing facilities but you are welcome to leave a bag in the hall at your own risk.

Polite notice – no wet or dirty running shoes to be worn inside the hall please

The first two male and female runners in each race will receive a bespoke trophy and a presentation will be arranged soon after. Age category winners will receive a discount voucher emailed a few days following Raceday.


A great place to watch the marathon runners is on Bigbury beach as runners approach and run around the famous Burgh Island.

For half-marathon and marathon spectators you can park at Mothecombe. It is only a short walk down to the crossing at the Erme Estuary or Mothecombe beach. Most of the runners will be going through between 2-3pm. You will still have time to drive back to the field parking at the village and get to the finish to see your runner complete the course.

There is a charge levied to park at either Mothecombe and Bigbury-on-Sea.

With many marathon runners away for hours and hours and the 16 mile race starting at 1:24pm, the Mildmay Colours Inn will be open in the village and is just 200m from the start/finish line.

We look forward to chatting with as many runners and supporters as possible before, during and after the race.

We hope you enjoy the day and good luck.
Mark – 07525723554
Steve – 07799111231


Race permits 995-997 provided by Trail Running Association