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Hammer 2018 Results

Hameldown 7EVEN 2018 Results

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The 3rd edition of the HAMELDOWN HAMMER with it’s 7 mile sibling the HAMELDOWN 7EVEN

The race takes place on Sunday 25th February 2018

HAMMER start time 11:00am

7EVEN start time 10:30am

Entries open >>>>>>>    SI-ENTRIES-ONLINE


The races start and finish in the village of Widecombe-In-The-Moor, at the foot of the Hameldown ‘massif’ and surrounded by some of Dartmoor’s most iconic granite tors.

The Hameldown Hammer, like our Dartmoor Volcano race, is another tough, challenging trail race, designed to be a serious test of endurance. The Hammer has a total ascent of over 600m. It is 98% trail, over a series of well defined, grassy, rocky, sometimes muddy tracks and through forestry glades. Most significantly, there is a double ascent of the Hameldown Ridge….

The Hameldown Hammer rises high and steep. It affords spectacular views of the Moor and Tors, with some of the best trail running Dartmoor has to offer.

Hameldown Tor


Hameldown Hammer route map

The shorter race, Hameldown 7EVEN – The ‘Long 10k’, has in excess of 300 metres of ascent and still includes a double ascent of the Hameldown ridge.

Hameldown 7EVEN route map

Both courses will be fully marked and marshalled.

Newly designed bespoke MEDALS to all finishers.

Bespoke T-shirts available to purchase through the SiEntries online booking system.


Directions to HQ at Widecombe-in-the-Moor TQ137TA

Map below shows routes up from Ashburton towards Buckland-in-the-Moor and is signed to Widecombe and also shows route up from HayTor that comes from Bovey Tracey.

Map below shows the route from Two Bridges and Postbridge which comes down from the Tavistock to Moretonhampstead road across the Moor.

So……….. Can you nail the Hameldown Hammer?

Or will you get HAMMERED!?

Hameldown Hammer route map

Professional photographs of the day can be found and purchased here>>>>


for Half-Marathon 28-02-16
1. 01:31:59. Arran Tocknell
2. 01:32:57. Michael Robinson
3. 01:34:58. Tom Carthey
4. 01:37:27. John Yells
5. 01:38:43. Jacob Dobson
6. 01:39:20. Neil Holmes (M50 1st)
7. 01:43:20. Jo Meek – First Lady
8. 01:44:16. Adam Stobbs (M40 1st)
9. 01:45:00. Jon Parkinson (M40 2nd)
10. 01:45:03. Elizabeth Dyson – Second Lady
11. 01:46:17. Duncan Oakes (M50 2nd)
12. 01:46:40. Milan Goc
13. 01:47:37. Richard Everson (M50 3rd)
14. 01:48:24. Calvin Leach (M40 3rd)
15. 01:48:59. Nick Sanders
16. 01:49:10. Iain Large
17. 01:50:23. Kelvin Groves (M40 4th)
18. 01:50:29. Hamish Gallacher (M40 5th)
19. 01:52:18. Edward Lamb
20. 01:52:41. Andrew Longthorpe (M40 6th)
21. 01:52:44. Dominic Hilton
22. 01:52:54. Phil Thorne (M40 7th)
23. 01:53:29. David Wilson
24. 01:53:34. Jim Bryce (M40 8th)
25. 01:53:44. Graham Newberry
26. 01:54:08. John Wisner (M40 9th)
26. 01:54:08. John Yelland
28. 01:56:05. Brian Burden (M40 10th)
29. 01:56:06. Chris Prall
30. 01:56:07. Hannah Walsh
31. 01:56:10. Derrick Warren
32. 01:56:59. Luke Elliott
33. 01:57:11. Tom Wright
34. 01:57:50. James Powell
35. 01:58:57. Craig MacAlpine
36. 01:59:01. James Blight
37. 02:00:20. Robin Ross
38. 02:00:24. Andy Jukes
39. 02:01:41. Tom Barnett
40. 02:04:19. Ryan Platten-Higgins
41. 02:04:22. Peter Kneebone
42. 02:04:49. Robert Barnett
43. 02:04:53. Stephen Cox
44. 02:05:55. Lewis Paterson
45. 02:06:20:000 Andrew Ferguson
46. 02:06:20:001 Justin Lowell
47. 02:06:23. Michael Glattback
48. 02:06:40. Ben Epps
49. 02:07:00. Josh Bower
50. 02:07:05. Emily Warren
51. 02:07:10. Simon Manuel
52. 02:07:19. Neal Stayner
53. 02:07:22. Iain Donnelly
54. 02:07:24. Giles Maling
55. 02:07:45. Andy Harris
56. 02:08:14. Shaun Howells
57. 02:08:41. Ryan Martin
58. 02:08:44. Stuart Ralph
59. 02:09:42. Paul Reeve
60. 02:09:50. Paul Sharples (M60 1st)
61. 02:09:51. Vicky Saunders (F40 1st)
62. 02:09:52. Karen Fronteras (F40 2nd)
63. 02:10:03. Mark Ashcroft
64. 02:10:08. Barry Copeland
65. 02:10:16. Jane Turner
66. 02:10:22. Steve Guy
67. 02:10:38. Dan Grey
68. 02:11:23. Christopher Armstrong
69. 02:11:25. Andy Dickinson
70. 02:11:34. Christopher Anthony
71. 02:12:21. Ian Goodreid
72. 02:12:39. Jules Cox
73. 02:12:53. James Hartridge
74. 02:13:14. Kevin Pope
75. 02:13:23. Christopher Hucker
76. 02:13:31. Jon Banner
77. 02:13:56. Alasdair Woodward
78. 02:13:59. Mark Wood
79. 02:14:00. Anna King
80. 02:14:04. Ed Molenaar
80. 02:14:04. Garry Mills
82. 02:14:12. Richard Harvey
83. 02:14:35. Selina Jervis (F40 3rd)
84. 02:14:40 Darren Munday
85. 02:14:50. George Andrews
86. 02:15:27. Felicity Knell
87. 02:15:29. John Dowell
88. 02:15:40. Derek Skinner
89. 02:15:50. Stephen Lysaczenko
90. 02:16:26. Sarah Francis
91. 02:16:52. Tony Davies
92. 02:17:04. Ben Moon
93. 02:17:06. Patrick Lockett (M60 2nd)
94. 02:17:51. Jayne Angilley (F50 1st)
95. 02:17:57. Helen Jones
95. 02:17:57. Paul Cole
97. 02:18:33. Rod Keen
98. 02:18:56. Jamie Bullock
99. 02:19:31. Craig Wensley
100. 02:19:40. Jackie Day
101. 02:19:53. Howie Bruger
102. 02:20:01. Alison White (F50 2nd)
103. 02:20:14. Jane Allison
104. 02:20:35. Giles Boon
105. 02:20:45. Karen Eccles (F50 3rd)
106. 02:21:01. Andrew Jefferies
107. 02:21:09. Kevin Paull
108. 02:21:14. Delphine Watwood
109. 02:22:08. Paul Gwynne
110. 02:22:14. Lee Haynes
111. 02:22:28. Patrick Wakeley
112. 02:22:51. Alison Caldwell
113. 02:23:35. Mark Gilmartin
114. 02:24:14. Peter Rowe
115. 02:24:25. Mark Wreford
116. 02:24:30. Paul McCormack
117. 02:24:45. Adrian Woodhouse
118. 02:24:48. Zach Orford
119. 02:24:55. Giles Forsyth
120. 02:25:06. Tim Leadsford
121. 02:25:07. Heidi Swaby
122. 02:25:26. Marie Woodcock
123. 02:25:27. Anne Kelly
124. 02:25:28. Sophy Lennon
125. 02:25:50. Richard Uffendell
126. 02:25:59. Ashley Lenczuk
127. 02:26:30. Dave Till
128. 02:26:41. Justin Davies
129. 02:27:46. Mark Ogden
129. 02:27:46. Lisa Binmore
131. 02:27:47. Paul Darlow
132. 02:28:02. Damian Hamilton
133. 02:28:39. Angela Martin
134. 02:28:55. Julian Bartlett
135. 02:30:08. Lesley McCormack
136. 02:30:24. Marc Jones
137. 02:30:27. Sarah Jones
137. 02:30:27. Keith Marshall (M60 3rd)
139. 02:30:47. Ted Townsend
140. 02:31:08. David Thompson
141. 02:31:14. Samantha Perry
142. 02:31:17. Zoe Craik
143. 02:32:04. Simon Wood
144. 02:32:08. Lee Byrne
145. 02:32:43. Frances Palmer
146. 02:33:06. Susanne Wood
147. 02:33:53. Phillip Henwood
148. 02:34:01. Claire Campbell
149. 02:35:06. Clare Dowdall
150. 02:35:27. Jo Melvin
151. 02:36:07. David Church
151. 02:36:07. Ian Fussell
151. 02:36:07. Steven Nicholl
151. 02:36:07. Andy Virgin
151. 02:36:07. Mandy Plummer
156. 02:36:14. Diane Norman
157. 02:36:40. Nick Cleaver
158. 02:36:43. Pat Coates
158. 02:36:43. Jane Stephens
160. 02:37:06. Graham Shaddick
161. 02:38:29. Caroline Cable
162. 02:39:30. Susan Darke
163. 02:39:53. Laura Woodhall
164. 02:40:26. Scott Allen
164. 02:40:26. Codie Wyett
166. 02:40:46. Kiernan Hall
167. 02:41:19. Mandi Burroughs
168. 02:42:29. Luke Anstiss
168. 02:42:29. Gareth O’Brien
170. 02:43:15. Darren Dunridge
171. 02:45:06. Chris Hammick
172. 02:45:10. Steve Small
173. 02:45:12. Mingo Paul
174. 02:46:04. Cassandra Walker
175. 02:47:13. Helen Roberts
176. 02:47:29. Mark Horrocks
177. 02:48:56. Barry Wilson
178. 02:48:59. Liz Bowden
179. 02:49:55. Darren Wills
180. 02:50:44. Robert Pope
181. 02:50:56. Ian Lilly
182. 02:50:56. Nicky Chrascina
183. 02:51:09. Derek Blackford
184. 02:51:49. Wiebke Lammers
185. 02:52:08. Sarah Whittaker
185. 02:52:08. Nicola Munday
187. 02:56:11. Tony Collyer
188. 02:57:31. Hilary Kennedy
189. 02:57:43. Rebecca Fryer
190. 03:00:47. Gary Bishop
191. 03:01:32. Jim McGill
192. 03:02:04. Brian Lewis
192. 03:02:04. Andrea Kingdon
194. 03:02:28. Mary Ostle (F60 1st)
195. 03:02:42. Helen Veness
195. 03:02:42. Andrew Chapell
197. 03:05:24. Dana Eyre
198. 03:05:37. Andy Rean
198. 03:05:37. Louise King
200. 03:09:05. Edward Chapman
201. 03:11:15. Sebastien Camborieux
202. 03:12:24. David Cleeve
203. 03:15:14. Marika Dowse
203. 03:15:14. Alison Richards
203. 03:15:14. Emma Thomas
203. 03:15:14. Sandra Wedden
207. 03:16:14. Anthony McCann
208. 03:22:14. Teresa Marshall (F60 2nd)
209. 03:22:15. Christopher Willis
210. 03:29:01. Jane Wilmott
211. 03:29:01. Kim Warne


image Grimspound

Permit No.455 provided by the Trail Running Association under UK Athletics rules

#### EMAIL SENT TO ENTRANTS Monday 19th February ####

Hameldown Hammer and Hameldown 7EVEN 2018

Many thanks for entering our race. Some of you are back for a 3rd year, some entered in November and some of you this week!

DIRECTIONS to Widecombe-in-the-Moor TQ13 7TA – as people will be driving from all directions, I will add a few maps to the website www.puretrail.uk/Hameldown. Please allow plenty of time to arrive as Dartmoor lanes have a speed limit of 40 mph. Please be aware that animals are often in the road. Widecombe is well signposted from Ashburton, Bovey Tracey, Haytor and Postbridge.

PARKING – Please carshare if you can

This will probably be the busiest day for Widecombe except for the Widecombe Fair so, please carshare to the venue – even if it means leaving another car up near Haytor or the National Park car parks on top of the hill before descending to the village.
Free parking is available throughout the village on single yellow lines but parking is limited. You must ensure you are not blocking a drive and you must leave room for emergency vehicles to pass (the width of an ambulance/fire engine is far greater than the average size car).
Our advice is to park in the first place you find BEFORE arriving at the village as a walk is still no further than 400 metres.
There are 2 car parks in the village, the Teignbridge District car park is to the right of the village green and free on a Sunday, but very limited in spaces. The 2nd car park is to the left of the village green and is £1 for the day, reduced from the usual £1.50, and the lady will take the money as you enter. This is the closest parking to the start/finish line. Please note there are no cash machines in the village.
Please heed the marshals’ advice and react swiftly to avoid traffic queues building in the small village.


Registration is inside at the Church House (TQ137TA), next to the entrance to the church, next door to the National Trust shop and opposite the Old Inn, Widecombe. If you’re near the Village Green then you’re a stones throw away.
Here you can collect your race number, safety pins and a t-shirt if you’ve paid in advance. We may have some t-shirts to sell on the day.
Race numbers are to be worn on your front and not a backpack to make it easier for the results team. If you are wearing a jacket which obscures your number then please make sure it is visible before arrival at the finish line.

Registration for Hameldown 7EVEN is 08:30 to 10:15am, with briefing at the start line 10:25, just before the start at 10:30.
For the Hammer, registration is from 08:30 to 10:45am, with briefing at the start line 10:55, just before the start at 11:00.

Organic fairtrade coffees, teas and hot chocolates will be available to purchase from the Beanbug trike that will be mobile and only yards from the village green at any time.
Greedy Bird Kitchen will be cooking sweet potato, coconut, lentil soup and bread roll. Also, slow cooked pork, vegetable and bean tagine with couscous available to purchase from inside the hall

TOILET facilities can be found at the entrance to the Teignbridge carpark. There are only single toilets in the hall which become very busy so please use the carpark toilets where possible.

Dartmoor has varied weather conditions and last years’ race was drizzly, foggy and had a 50mph cold sidewind on top of Hameldown Ridge. The previous year it was a clear and sunny day. The current forecast is for a nice day but, at the time of writing, there are 6 days to go and you know how to trust the weather forecasts!

WATERPROOF JACKET – Because we are sending you up onto an exposed high and remote area of the Moor where vehicles have limited access, we recommend you bring a waterproof jacket because the weather can change quickly, and this is not your average half-marathon trail race! The risk of hyperthermia is far greater without a jacket.

TRAIL SHOES – you cannot possibly run this race safely with road shoes. It is the wettest winter we’ve known on Dartmoor so it will be wet, muddy and slippery (we promise). Your feet/shoes are guaranteed to get wet and/or muddy.
We recommend you wear something similar to Salomon Speedcross or Inov-8 MudClaw as they have better grip that most. There are minimal areas of tarmac so be aware not to slip, especially on the 2 steep downhills.

The routes are all fully marked using coloured flags and tape. This will be shown to you in the briefing. You should not have to look too far ahead to see the marked route. At mile 3.2 (Grimspound), the H7 route splits from the Hammer route and a marshal will direct you accordingly. Your first aid station is then only minutes away.
The full route will be checked a few hours prior to the start of the races and a link to the course map is on the weblink mentioned above.


Hameldown 7EVEN
3.3 miles Drinks and snacks at Hookney Tor

Hameldown Hammer Half
4 miles Drinks and snacks at Challacombe
9 miles Drinks and snacks at Natsworthy
13.1 miles Water

Supporters should keep their dogs under close control at all times but must realise the route goes out onto the Moor and has extremely limited vantage points unless you walk a few miles from the start line. Moorgate is a great place to see the runners start uphill and finish downhill and is less than 1/2 mile walk from the start/finish line – just ask us or a marshal. There is limited parking near Grimspound/Hookney Tor/Headland Warren Farm and runners are likely to be coming through approx. 10:45-12:15 and Natsworthy 11:45-13:30, should you wish to drive 3 miles to see runners come through. Speak to us on the day and we can show you on the map and provide driving instructions.

No dogs are allowed to run with their owner in the races due to UK Athletics rules and their Public Liability Insurance, which differs to Park Runs.

Medical professionals will be based at HQ.

Last year everyone finished within 3 1/2 hours and we would like to think the same would happen this weekend but the Marshals and the sweeper will be monitoring and speaking to runners to see how they respond to ensure their safety, but our intention will be to guide all runners to a finish. Once you’re back on the ridge again you have 3 miles to go, with over 2 miles of downhill to look forward to.

Should anyone withdraw from the race you MUST report to a marshal who will assist you and remove you race number.

Polite notice that no dirty running shoes to be worn inside the hall but left in a orderly manner outside the entrance door.
Unfortunately there are no changing rooms at the hall but the upstairs area can be used to change after the race and will be unisex as there is limited room at the venue. Please bring plenty of clothing options for what the weather and course throws at you! Bags can be left in the hall at your own risk.

All finishers will immediately receive a medal for their well earned run.

The first two male and female runners in each race will receive a bespoke trophy. Age category winners will receive a discount voucher emailed a few days following the race. A presentation will be arranged within 15 minutes of the trophy winners finishing.

We look forward to chatting with as many runners and supporters as possible before, during and after the race.
Good luck to you all.

Mark and Steve

All enquiries regarding this email should be directed to admin@pureTrail.uk

Permit No.1364