Dartmoor 100 – 3rd/4th August 2018

Dartmoor 100 – 3rd/4th August 2018



The Ultra Tour of Dartmoor (U.T.D.) has been in the planning for almost two years. It has finally come to fruition and with the creation of this unique event we believe we have the most exciting new Ultra distance race in the country.

The brief was to design the most creative and challenging way to circumnavigate the Moor within a 100 mile event. A complete tour encompassing as many wild places and not-to-be-missed places as possible, visiting many of the Moorland landmarks, picture-postcard villages and to include all of the different terrains the Moor and its satellite landscapes have to offer.

We not only wanted to create something very special for ultra-distance runners, we wanted to do it the right way. A way that was true to ourselves primarily as runners and secondly as race organisers. That ‘something’ was to be the ‘Journey’- A Grand Tour of the Moor. The first of its kind.

Our take on it was that there had to be a purpose, an end-game. Not simply to run 100 miles. Starting a long race needs an incentive, a reward, a motivation. That incentive, we believe, would not merely be in the running but also in the journey. The reward would be in the discovery and the adventure of touring the whole of Dartmoor – the last wild place in Southern England.

Horizons will change, day will turn to night and then back to day. Landscapes will be replaced and re-visited. Exposed, wind-shattered tors with infinite vistas will turn to bogs, forest tracks and trails with riverside meanderings. You will see the whole of Dartmoor in all its splendour.

The Ultra Tour of Dartmoor is set to become a classic.

Reccie weekends will be arranged in the coming months to assist with the navigational aspect of the route.

Entries open at the end of October with more details to be released.