Starting and finishing in the Moorland village of Peter Tavy and nestled below the wild Tors of West Dartmoor. The Dartmoor 3 in ONE offers 3 races of 3 distances, all in ONE day. 22.5 miles in total. Saturday 5th October 2019 is the new date.

All races start and finish from Peter Tavy Village Hall with a mass start for each race. You have to finish the first to be on the start line for the second. How much time you have to recover between races is down to the individual. Do you go all out and rest, or pace it out and go for negative splits? It’s up to you……

Start times are generous to a degree but the cumulative effect of 3 race starts in 5 hours is certain to have an effect on performance. It’s a long race broken into 3 faster, shorter events. In itself, this is a new concept and we think it’s going to be a real test of endurance and tenacity to be the pureTrail Dartmoor 3 in ONE overall winner.

Entries now open >>>>>>

5 Tors race starts at 10:00am – 9.75 miles

4 Tors race starts at 12:30pm – 7.5 miles

3 Tors race starts at 2:30pm – 5.25 miles

All 3 routes are fully marked and marshalled and a Bespoke medal will be waiting for the finishers of all 3 races during the day. Trophies to the first two male and female finishers. Discount vouchers to Age Category winners.

Each race can be entered individually as a single race and free future race places are on offer to the first two male and female finishers (limited to one free entry per person). No medals or trophies are available to winners of single races.

Dartmoor 3-in1 results 2017

Examples of the Marking on the 3 Courses :- 


10:00am start – 5 Tors race – Cox Tor, Middle Staple Tor, Great Staple Tor, Roos Tor and White Tor

12:30pm start – 4 Tors race – Roos Tor, Great Staple Tor, Middle Staple Tor and Cox Tor

2:30pm – 3 Tors Race – Cox Tor, Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor

No refunds or deferrals. Name changes allowed until a fortnight prior to Raceday.

Because it is Dartmoor and we are sending you out to a remote area where vehicles have limited access, we insist you bring :-

Backpack or waistpack
Survival blanket
Waterproof jacket
Hat/Headcover (cap/buff)
Mobile phone with emergency number stored (numbers below)
Capacity to carry 250ml of liquid – we are cupless now so bring a collapsable up or water bottle

We would also suggest you consider wearing leggings or a long sleeve top compared to what you would usually wear.

Race Permits granted by the Trail Running Association

pureTrail Running affiliated with England Athletics