Dartmoor 3-in-ONE – Sat 13th October 2018

Dartmoor 3-in-ONE – Sat 13th October 2018

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Photos available to purchase here from charleswhittonphotography

Starting and finishing in the Moorland village of Peter Tavy and nestled below the wild Tors of West of Dartmoor. The Dartmoor 3 in ONE offers 3 races of 3 distances, all in ONE day. 22.25 miles in total.

All races start and finish from Peter Tavy Village Hall with a mass start for each race. You have to finish the first to be on the start line for the second. How much time you have to recover between races is down to the individual. Do you go all out and rest, or pace it out and go for negative splits? It’s up to you……

Start times are generous to a degree but the cumulative effect of 3 race starts in 5 hours is certain to have an effect on performance. It’s a long race broken into 3 faster, shorter events. In itself, this is a new concept and we think it’s going to be a real test of endurance and tenacity to be the pureTrail Dartmoor 3 in ONE overall winner.

Roos Tor on the left and Great Staple Tor in the centre

5 Tors race starts at 10:00am – 9.75 miles

4 Tors race starts at 12:30pm – 7.5 miles

3 Tors race starts at 2:30pm – 5 miles

All 3 routes are fully marked and marshalled and a Bespoke medal will be waiting for the finishers of all 3 races during the day. Trophies to the first two male and female finishers. Discount vouchers to Age Category winners.

Each race can be entered individually as a single race and free future race places are on offer to the first two male and female finishers. No medals or trophies are available to winners of single races.


To enter all 3 races – 22.25 miles – £40 / £38

To enter 5 Tors race – 9.75 miles – £20 / £18

To enter 4 Tors race – 7.5 miles – £17 / £15

To enter 3 Tors race – 5 miles – £12 / £10

All entrants will get their first cup of tea, coffee or soft drink free on production of their race number from the Peter Tavy Village Hall.


Information and local places to visit and stay in Peter Tavy

Examples of the Marking on the 3 Courses :- 

10:00am start – ORANGE markers – 5 Tors race – Cox Tor, Middle Staple Tor, Great Staple Tor, Roos Tor and White Tor

12:30pm start – PINK markers – 4 Tors race – Roos Tor, Great Staple Tor, Middle Staple Tor and Cox Tor

2:30pm – YELLOW markers – 3 Tors Race – Cox Tor, Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor

No refunds or deferrals. Name changes allowed until 30th September 2017.

Race Permits 1186, 1325, 1326 and 1327 granted by Trail Running Association

pureTrail Running affiliated with England Athletics Ref:7692730

Photos by permission of John Stickland


RACEDAY INFORMATION EMAIL sent to runners 08:45 Weds 11th October 2017

Many thanks for entering our race and it’s great to see so many names that we have already seen at our other events we’ve hosted this year.


Timings to register, collect numbers, timing chips, t-shirts, safety pins, etc are
08:30 to 09:45. It’s at Peter Tavy Village Hall PL19 9NN.

Please note that there is no parking available in the village as it could affect emergency vehicles getting in or out of the village. The parking is in a field approximately 400m from the hall. Event signage to the field will be added to existing signs to Peter Tavy and marshals will ultimately get you to the field. Please note that the entrance to the field is the only exit.

The best direction into Peter Tavy is from the A386 either from Plymouth or Tavistock/Okehampton (A30) follow these directions http://www.petertavyinn.co.uk/find_us.html but there will be extra signage in the village directing you to the Event carpark.

In the Hall there will be soft drinks, coffee, tea and a selection of cakes available to purchase throughout the day from the hall. Don’t forget that your first drink is on us, on production of your race number. We will mark your race number accordingly.

Event t-shirts will be for sale in the hall for those who have not already ordered theirs online, however the price at the Hall is £12. You can still order Event t-shirts online until 3pm Friday https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?event_id=3754

You can purchase our new pureTrail Technical running t-shirts £20, Hoodies £30 and
multi-functional headwear £8. We have some previous event t-shirts of various sizes available to buy for £5 too.


Dartmoor has varied weather conditions and the forecast looks favourable but Dartmoor can often be worse than the weather just a few miles away. Bring a change of kit and you may have time to change, then again, you may not!

Bags can be left in the hall but remember to take your Trail shoes off before entering and Bags are left at owners risk.

First Aid

Qualified paramedics from Medicare SouthWest will be at the event in case of need.

The Course and Aid Stations

All 3 courses will be fully marked and marshalled.

Each course will be Colour Coded :-

ORANGE Flags = Race 1 = 9.75 miles
PINK Flags = Race 2 = 7.5 miles
YELLOW Flags = Race 3 = 5.4 miles

Please note that some of the routes will be colour coded with all 3 colours as we use the same initial start and finish, for example. Other areas of the Moor will have different coloured flags. After each race the corresponding coloured Flags will be removed by ‘roving’ marshals, leaving just YELLOW for the last race!

An example of each flag will be shown to you before each of the race starts. Just keep repeating ORANGE, PINK, YELLOW…..

Maps of the routes are shown on our webpage www.puretrail.uk/3-in-One

Aid Stations

(ORANGE) Race 1 – Miles 1.25, 6.25 and 8.50
(PINK) Race 2 – Miles 1.75 and 6.25
(YELLOW) Race 3 – Miles 1.25 and 4

(All miles are approximate)

We have a dozen marshals located around the course and a Sweeper for each race. These are experienced runners who will guide and encourage any tail-end runners to complete the course within the time constraints.


(ORANGE) Race 1 – 2 1/2 hours (15 1/2 minutes miles)
(PINK) Race 2 – 2 hours (16 minute miles)
(YELLOW) Race 3 – 1 1/2 hours (17 minute miles)

The chip timing will determine the cutoff time so please be polite if you miss by seconds. The cutoff is all part of the event.

Anyone missing the cutoff for Race 1 will have to wait until the start of Race 3 to run again. We expect a maximum of 5 minute turn around time after Races 1 and 2.

Anyone entering Races 2 and 3 will be briefed separately but every runner will be reminded of the colours of the flags to look out for at a briefing before starting the race.

Medals will be provided to all runners who complete all 3 races within all 3 cutoffs.

Should anyone withdraw from the race either out on the course or at the HQ you MUST report to a marshal who will assist you. We need to allocate every runner for every race. Also, should anyone take a timing chip home they will be liable for a £30 charge.


PLEASE NOTE, at the finish, NO SHOES used for the race should be worn inside the hall or left in a pile outside the entrance door for people to trip over! Unfortunately there are no changing rooms at the hall so a car will have to suffice. Bring plenty of options for what the weather and course throws at you!

The Dartmoor 3-in-1 overall First two Male and First two Female runners will receive a bespoke trophy and age category winners will receive a Discount vouchers emailed when final results are established.

Cox Tor Aid Station and Cox Tor Trig is a good place to venture should anyone wish to view the runners. It is 1.25 and 1.75 miles respectively. Supporters should keep their dogs under close control at all times and dogs are not allowed to run with their owner in the races due to UK Athletics rules and their Public Liability Insurance, which differs to Park Runs.

We look forward to chatting with as many runners and supporters as possible before and after the race.

Good luck to you all.

Mark and Steve